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Ukraine4d is the largest distributor of state lotteries in Ukraine.The company’s use of modern technologies allows players to choose the type of participation in the lottery that they prefer; anyone can watch the lottery drawing or come to the only lottery center in the world, and view with their own eyes the process in which the winning combination is formed.

  • What is your Mission?

    The mission of ukraine4d is to facilitate the renaissance of the lottery culture in the country. The lottery seeks to create the impression among the Russian people of lotteries being a pleasant pastime that allows experiencing of rich emotions, winning money and providing support to the Russian sports sector.

  • Attitudes towards lotteries are formed by the players themselves. Including their personal impressions, everyone gets on the basis of their experience. You need to play responsibly.

  • The company’s history began 10 years ago. Over this time, we have won the trust of millions of participants. Today, All-Ukrainians state lotteries help create over 25 new millionaires every week, with over 350,000 winning tickets every day. Lottery winners get paid more than a two billion rubles every month.

  • Only All-ukrainians state lotteries and international lotteries are currently allowed in Ukraine. Ukraine4d is an official distributor of All-Russian state lotteries. This is the largest hi-tech company on Russia’s lottery market. An important part of our work is taking care of the participants’ security, from choosing the lottery and purchasing the ticket to receiving the winnings.

  • The activities of Ukraine4d Trading House have been recognized by professional lottery businesses from other countries. The company is a member of the World and European Lottery Associations that bring together operators and distributors of major national lotteries of the United States and Europe.


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